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A Guide to Your Goals

Do you have a 'Self-Managed' or 'Plan Managed' NDIS Plan?

Do you have "Improved Daily Living" as a section heading or line item in your plan?

If so, Prodigal Family Services can help you achieve your counselling and therapy goals.

Payment structure will depend on your plan.

Self-Managed: If you are self-managed, you will need to pay for your counselling session at the time of your appointment then apply for a reimbursement from the NDIS.

Plan Managed: If you are plan managed, we will invoice your plan manager and you will not have to worry about upfront payment on the day.

Reach out and call us today and see how we can help you in support of your NDIS goals.

Counselling fees for NDIS plans are $110 per hour session.

NDIS: How We Can Support You
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