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Prodigal Family Services Fee Schedule

 60 Minute
Counselling Session

Service                                                  Fee   Concession/Student

General Counselling                            $110                 $90

Addiction Counselling                         $110                 $90

Christian Counselling                           $110                 $90

Individual Relationship Counselling   $110                 $90

Couples Relationship Counselling*    $120               $100

Family Therapy*                                    $120               $100

Mental Health Plans                               $90                N/A

NDIS Plans                                             $110                N/A

Individual Professional Supervision     $100                N/A

*Couples Relationship Counselling and Family Therapy prices
are inclusive of two or more people present in the session.

We would like everyone to be able to get the help and support they need, so if finances are an issue, please contact us and we will see what we can do to support you.


(Modes: In-Person, Online or via Phone)

Face to Face, Online or Phone Sessions Available.

Fee Schedule: Price List
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