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Man sitting on rock overlooking ocean - Addiction Counselling at Prodigal Family Services

Addiction Counselling

Are you struggling with a

- Drug Addiction

- Alcohol Addiction

- Pornography Addiction

- Internet Based Addiction

- Food Addiction

- Gambling Addiction

- Other Addiction

Prodigal Family Services can offer you specialised counselling and support.

Congratulations on your bravery in choosing to reach out and look for help with your addiction.


At Prodigal Family Services we know first hand how significant this step is for anyone looking to make lasting change in their life. As the Principal Consultant at Prodigal Family Services, Murray offers specialised addiction counselling based on your needs as a client. This means his service is personalised and unique to each individual, and requires that he learn from you about your specific circumstance in order to genuinely connect with you as someone who struggles to be their true self as a result of addiction.


Put simply, his aim is to connect with you through counselling, in order to help you reconnect with yourself, therefore allowing you to regain control over your entire being and overcome any obstacle in life, inclusive and beyond that of addiction. Murray has significant experience in the area of addiction - both personal and professional - which will become relevant through the development of your therapeutic relationship.

(For a snapshot of our Addiction Philosophy click here)

Addiction Counselling
Addiction Counselling: Testimonials

"I had the privilege of having Murray as counsellor. I was at the bottom of my life, and with the help of Murray over 12 months, I was able to open up and deal with a lot of trauma that happened throughout my life. Murray was able to help me unpack and understand what I was going through. Through this time I also learnt new skills to better understand who I am, understanding that my identity was the key to moving forward. Today I live a totally different life; I live in freedom. I appreciate that Murray never judged me and was easy to open up too."

- Chris

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