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Man sitting alone contemplating life choices. at Prodigal Family Services

Our Addiction Philosophy

A More Detailed Overview

At Prodigal Family Services, we measure addiction not by litres or grams, but by the stress is puts on relationships. We call this Substance Related Relational Stress (SRRS).

This stress (SRRS) negatively impacts the substance user's relationship with family, friends, the community, and with themselves. Often this stress (SRRS) is felt first by the sober parties, who suffer as a result of another's substance use, yet are unable to prevent the substances affect on their loved one, resulting in conflict and unproductive interventions.

For the user, the substance becomes a barrier, isolating them from their relational support network, their purpose as a contributing member of the community, and their true identity and corresponding beliefs. This isolation creates emotional suffering, resulting in a dependence on the substance as a substitute for healthy relationships. We call this Isolation Related Substance Dependance (IRSD)

At Prodigal Family Services, our therapeutic intervention has one of two entry points.

1: The Sober individual experiencing suffering 

2: The Substance user experiencing suffering.

Our aim is to facilitate a therapeutic relationship within the counselling space that transforms the way you relate within your own unique context, therefore equipping and empowering you to bring about the change you desire. Call now to schedule a session.

Our Addiction Philosophy - A More Detailed View
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