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Addiction Counselling for Family & Friends

Addiction Counselling for Family & Friends

'Everyone Knows Someone'

My spouse has a problem…

My child is addicted…

My parent is a different person...

I'm worried about my coworker…

My friend overdosed…


Addiction has no bias - it does not discriminate against age, gender or social standing.

Prodigal Family Services understands the cycle of addiction and the negative impact it can have on family and friends. We don’t measure addiction by litres or grams, but by the stress it puts on relationships, and many different feelings can come from knowing someone struggling with addiction.



Anger & Frustration

Conflict & Stress (Mental/Emotional, Financial, Relational)

Sadness/ Hopelessness

Guilt & Shame



Dependency or Co-Dependency


Our service has one of two entry points.

1. Help for the substance user

2. Support for the loved one of a substance user.


If the substance user is not ready to seek help for themselves, this doesn’t mean you should be without support. ​Every situation is different, and with our unique mix of counselling and consulting, Prodigal Family Services can help you in your journey, where you are at right now, equipping and empowering you to bring about the change you desire and work towards a better future.

Addiction Counselling for Family and Friends
Addiction Counselling for Family and Friends: Testimonials

"I had the privilege of having Murray as counsellor. I was at the bottom of my life, and with the help of Murray over 12 months, I was able to open up and deal with a lot of trauma that happened throughout my life. Murray was able to help me unpack and understand what I was going through. Through this time I also learnt new skills to better understand who I am, understanding that my identity was the key to moving forward. Today I live a totally different life; I live in freedom. I appreciate that Murray never judged me and was easy to open up too."

- Chris

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