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Christian Counselling

Prodigal Family Services – Your Trusted Source for Christian Counselling.

At Prodigal Family Services, we understand the importance of incorporating faith into the therapeutic process. We offer Christian counselling services that integrate Biblical principles and values with professional counselling techniques. Our aim is to provide a safe space where individuals and couples can explore their concerns, find healing, and grow spiritually.

Our Christian counselling services are designed to address a range of personal, relational, and spiritual issues. Our Principal Consultant, Murray, is committed to integrating Biblical and faith-based perspectives into the therapeutic process. He offers the following services:

Individual Christian Counselling - Individual Christian counselling provides a supportive and Christ-centered environment for individuals seeking guidance and emotional healing. Murray uses a holistic approach, and combines counselling and Biblical principles to address personal struggles, trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions and more.

Christian Marriage Counselling and Family Therapy - Christian marriage counselling and family therapy helps couples and families navigate relationship challenges, conflicts, and communication barriers. Murray incorporates Christian theology, values and Biblical guidance to help couples restore their marriages and strengthen their family bonds.

Premarital Christian Counselling - Premarital Christian counselling is designed to prepare couples for a Christ-centered marriage. Murray will help couples establish a strong foundation by addressing topics such as communication, conflict resolution and shared values.

At Prodigal Family Services, we provide a compassionate and non-judgmental space where people can explore their challenges from a Christian perspective. We integrate scripture and Biblical teachings into therapy sessions, helping individuals and couples gain a clearer picture and understanding of who God is, and our identity in Christ, moving you toward to Spiritual growth, healing and restoration.

Murray's qualifications include:

Bachelor of Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy (Australian Institute Family Counselling)
Advanced Diploma in Ministry (Ridley Theological College)

Diploma in Community Services

Individual & Group Supervision (RISE UP)

If you are seeking Christian counselling or have any questions about our services, we invite you to reach out to us today and take the first step towards a more meaningful and Christ-centered life.

Christian Counselling
Counselling: Testimonials

"It's been a long journey and Murray is a really competent counsellor who helped me lots in my need for counselling. I'd certainly recommend him."

- Hazel

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