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Individual Professional Supervison

At Prodigal Family Services, we recognize the importance of ongoing professional development and support for mental health practitioners. Our Principal Consultant, Murray, offers individual professional supervision services to therapists, counsellors, and other professionals in the field. Supervision is designed to help you enhance your skills, gain insight, and ensure ethical and effective practice.

Professional supervision involves a collaborative relationship between the supervisor (Murray) and the counsellor (you). This dynamic relationship focuses on enhancing clinical skills, exploring ethical challenges, reflecting on personal and professional growth, and ensuring the best possible care for your clients.

Murray's individual professional supervision sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and professional goals, including:
Reflective Practice - Murray will guide you in reflecting on your clinical work, helping you explore cases, interventions, and the therapeutic relationship. Through thoughtful reflection, you can gain insight into your practice, identify areas for growth, and improve client outcomes.
Skill Development - Murray will assist you in enhancing your therapeutic skills, providing guidance and feedback on various therapeutic modalities, techniques, and interventions. He will help you refine your clinical approach and expand your repertoire of effective strategies.
Ethical Decision-Making - Ethics are a critical aspect of counselling. Murray offers guidance and support in navigating complex ethical dilemmas, ensuring that you are providing competent and ethical care to your clients.
Professional Development - Murray can help you set professional goals, explore opportunities for advancement, and enhance your career trajectory.

Engaging in individual professional supervision can provide numerous benefits for counsellors, including:

    Enhanced clinical skills and expertise
  Increased self-awareness
  Improved ethical decision-making
  Support and guidance in navigating complex cases and challenges
  Opportunities for personal and professional growth
  Accountability and a space for professional reflection

If you are a counsellor seeking individual professional supervision, we are here to support you. Please reach out to us today for more information or to schedule a supervision session with Murray, click on the button below.

Individual Professional Supervision
Counselling: Testimonials

"It's been a long journey and Murray is a really competent counsellor who helped me lots in my need for counselling. I'd certainly recommend him."

- Hazel

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