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Man smiling at camera Murray Sibbison Principal Counsellor & Consultant at Prodigal Family Services

My Story

Murray Sibbison
Principal Counsellor & Consultant

Hi, my name is Murray. I'm an Addiction Specialist, who offers Specialized Counselling, Relationship Counselling, General Counselling, Christian Counselling, Individual Professional Supervision and Consulting. With an extensive background in addictions, my knowledge of the topic reaches beyond the norm having lived my own personal experience seeking help and residential rehabilitation for a drug and alcohol addiction and deteriorating mental health as a young adult.

I have over nine years’ professional experience in the Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) sector, and seven years professional experience as a counsellor, including six years living and working in a residential drug, alcohol & other addictions rehabilitation center. I am also a qualified Pastoral Counsellor and Chaplain.

My qualifications include:

Bachelor of Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Christian Counselling and Family Therapy

Advanced Diploma in Ministry

Diploma in Alcohol & Other Drugs (Current 2024)

Diploma in Community Services

Individual & Group Supervision

My passion is to help individuals and their families connect through the crisis of addiction and recovery. I also offer relationship counselling, generalised counselling dealing with issues including mental health, grief & loss, life transitions, men’s issues (including pornography addiction), work & relational stress and family therapy and individual supervision.

I work mainly as a person-centred counsellor but integrate other approaches when appropriate and helpful. Person-centred therapy is based on the philosophy that each human being is of value and has the potential for psychological change, growth and increased personal fulfilment. I seek to establish a safe therapeutic relationship in order to help resolve whatever troubles the client, and work toward finding a better way forward in their life.


I'm blessed with a wonderful wife and two beautiful boys. My hobbies include fitness, running, playing and creating music, and learning. I am always looking to improve and better myself.

About Me
About Me: Testimonials

Murray possesses the unique ability to speak to young people in a manner which captures their attention and respect and makes them want to hear what he has to say. He does not speak down to them; nor does he attempt to present himself as simply one of their peers. He brings to professional speaking engagements an extraordinary blend of genuine life experience, specialised training, and a likeable persona. Secondary school students will undoubtably respond to his presentation manner and will hang onto his every word, before feeling perfectly comfortable asking him tough questions (which he is very capable of fielding – This is not a man who will be thrown by the unexpected). His professionalism is apparent from the first contact, and you can rest assured that Murray will work with you to provide the experience needed by the audience. He is highly regarded by the teaching and learning team at our school as a top quality guest speaker.

- Ellen
Community Project & Service as Action CoordinatorSecondary School Teacher


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About Me: Accreditation
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About Me: Accreditation
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