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Man speaking to a room full of people Speaking Engagements at Prodigal Family Services

Speaking Engagements

Murray has over nine years’ professional experience in the Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) sector, and seven years as a counsellor, including six years living and working in a residential drug, alcohol & other addictions rehabilitation centre, but his knowledge of the topic reaches beyond the norm with his own personal lived experience seeking help and residential rehabilitation for a drug and alcohol addiction and deteriorating mental health as a young adult, giving him over 17 years experience with addictions.

Murray’s unique position and experience has him frequently outsourced for Addiction & Mental Health Public Speaking Engagements including:


Q & A’s

Ice Forums

Open Panels

High Schools

Guest Speaker Roles

Community Meetings & Events

Ministry Events

Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements: Testimonials

"Murray possesses the unique ability to speak to young people in a manner which captures their attention and respect and makes them want to hear what he has to say. He does not speak down to them; nor does he attempt to present himself as simply one of their peers. He brings to professional speaking engagements an extraordinary blend of genuine life experience, specialised training, and a likeable persona. Secondary school students will undoubtably respond to his presentation manner and will hang onto his every word, before feeling perfectly comfortable asking him tough questions (which he is very capable of fielding – This is not a man who will be thrown by the unexpected). His professionalism is apparent from the first contact, and you can rest assured that Murray will work with you to provide the experience needed by the audience. He is highly regarded by the teaching and learning team at our school as a top quality guest speaker."

- Ellen
Community Project & Service as Action Coordinator
Secondary School Teacher

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